Detroit Lions’ WR Marvin Jones Jr on a Roll both On and Off the Field

Marvin Jones Jr. was off to what can be considered a great start for his debut season in Detroit. His huge opening month was highlighted by an outstanding 205-yard outburst in Green Bay. But, when defenses started stacking up on him, his rise to fame was gone, just like that.

Jones Vows Comeback

Jones made well with his promise and he’s definitely coming back and what a statement he made especially against the Green Bay Packers. According to fellow receiver, Golden Tate, Jones wants to be great and that’s exactly what he’s doing.

Has things changed for Jones? Not at all. He is still facing the same coverage and even gets the least space from defensive backs, but even with all that, Jones manages to come out on top, make a great catch, and score touchdown after touchdown for their team’s victory.

The Secret behind Jones’ Great Performance?

Aside from the sheer willpower to improve and give back to his team, Jones is known for his uncanny body control. He can run, spin, stretch, and dive his way to a touchdown. In fact, he’s had the sixth most touchdowns in the league. He’s even climbed to 18th on the official NFL receiving list and his list of touchdowns trail behind equally talented NFL players the likes of DeAndre Hopkins, Will Fuller, Jordy Nelson, Michael Crabtree, as well as Zach Ertz.

You can see Jones’ talent and skill clearly during the Green Bay Packers game. His first score was on a 25-yard diving grab. It was a slightly long pass and coverage was tight but he was able to extend his right hand just so to grab the ball, then corral the ball with his left to finish off what was deemed a tough catch. That catch not only led the Detroit to an early 7-0 lead, it also marked Matthew Stafford’s 200th touchdown pass of his entire career.

Jones did it again in the fourth quarter. He feigned setting up a block then immediately broke into a run for the end zone to catch a perfect pass from Stafford for an 11-yard score. He made it even with air-tight coverage from Packer’s Damarius Randall.

Jones’ Talent Shines from Field to Studio

It isn’t just on the field where Jones display impeccable talent. As it turns out, he can sing too. He has his own studio where he sings and records whenever he can. In fact, you’ve probably heard his song being played at the preseason this year called “Count It Up” but hardly anyone knew it was Jones singing.

An opportunity did arise for Jones, however, when the American Idol took part in a special taping of the American Idol which will be aired as a special segment for ESPN. The network’s representatives reached out to the Lions and the Houston Texas looking for players to be part of the show. Marvin Jones Jr was quick to accept the invitation. During the audition, he sang “I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Tank and totally caught the judges by surprise with his voice. American Idol judge, Katy Perry, even asked him why he chose to pursue football rather than music. Needless to say, after this taping was aired, the whole nation found out that Jones can sing. As for his talent on the field, there’s no question about that. According to Jones, he just does what he needs to do for his team. With the amount of talent that he has and the pool of talented players in his team, you can expect great things from Detroit Lions this season.

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