The Dolphins have added quarterback Chad Pennington, formerly the Jets’ starter, to their squad. He’s currently the first-string Miami Dolphins signal caller, and the Fins are hoping that he can be a true difference maker. Last season, the team went 1-15.

chad pennington

Miami was the worst in the league. But with Bill Parcells in the front office, the addition of Pennington and new head coach Tony Sparano, the Dolphins are saying that they want to be contenders once again.


The Miami O-line let their QBs be sacked 42 times. The club is trying to upgrade the line, but they are still shaky. Running back Ricky Williams, who had trouble with drugs, is back. He’s shown a good work ethic and looks determined to become one of the best in the league. Last year RB Ronnie Brown was having a Pro Bowl season until he ripped his ACL. If he can come back, the Fins will have a fine rushing attack. The wideout unit lacks depth.


Veteran Pro Bowl DE Jason Taylor is gone to Washington. That leaves two first-year players to fill in. For a defensive group that was 32nd versus the run, this is not good. Miami’s pass defense was solid, earning a fourth-place ranking. This season the secondary and linebacking groups have holes.

Special Teams

Miami has a good field goal kicker in Jay Feely. The return squads show skill and talent and the blockers are solid. The Miami special teams are overall very good.


With Pennington on board, the offense has been improved instantly. But the defense has problems. This team will not be in the playoffs, but they will win four to six games this season and that’s a major improvement over 2007.

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