Aaron Rodgers, the new starting QB for the Green Bay Packers, has had to endure verbal abuse, including cursing from children, in the wake of the Brett Favre controversy. Favre’s trade to the New York Jets has not set well with many Green Bay fans who wanted the future Hall of Fame field general back for one more season.

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The Green Bay Packers were well on their way to replacing the aging Favre with Rodgers when the former Green Bay quarterback decided that he wanted to compete for the starting spot on the 2008 roster. But Packers’ executives and coaches did not want Brett Favre back despite the fact that he led them to the NFC championship game last season.

The Pack had retired their legendary QB’s locker and were scheduled to present it to him. He was listed as an inactive player when, sometime around March, Favre announced that he felt that he’d retired too early. The former Green Bay quarterback contacted the Pack in May and June, pushing to be reinstated. But Green Bay was not interested.

Favre became extremely emotional in interviews regarding his desire to play for Green Bay once again. Conversely, Packer brass and coaches remained adamant that they were not interested in moving backwards. They wanted to plan for the future by utilizing young talent at the quarterback spot.

Favre went to the New York Jets in a trade with Green Bay for draft picks. Then eight-year Jets vet Chad Pennington was released. Pennington was quickly picked up by the Miami Dolphins. And so, in this way, the AFC East has been realigned.

Both the Jets and the Dolphins are stronger and more of a threat to the New England Patriots. And as far as the Packers are concerned—Aaron Rodgers may be heckled now but the club needs to look to the future. And there’s a lot of youthful talent in Green Bay at quarterback. Rodgers gets the first crack at replacing the inimitable Favre.

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