Two-footed tackle in soccer is an illegal move, by which a player jumps forward with his both legs toward the opponent. This is illegal because it threatens the safety of the opponent and this action has to be punished as a serious foul play, which means the player will be sent off as they are given a red card. As a result, the opposing team will be rewarded by a direct free kick.

The Rules about Two-Footed Tackle

There is no direct or active explanation that a two-footed tackle is not permissible against an opponent. However, the FIFA Rules explicitly stated that any actions or techniques that can endanger the safety of another player will be severely punished accordingly. The Rule Book also stated that if the player who was being careless and reckless by using excessive force will automatically be given a red card as a punishment.

Examples of Two-Footed Tackle

A Sliding tackle is one of the examples, which is not recommended to use against an opponent because it can cause serious foul play. When executing this tackle, the player has to extend his leg to push the ball from the opponent. Since it causes numerous fouls, the execution of any tackles has been controversial, especially when the opponent fell over the tackler’s foot.

The Danger in Two-Footed Tackle Execution

This technique is always dangerous, not only to the opponent but also to the tackler. The tackler’s position will be endangered because he will be given a red card automatically. As for the opponent, it may lead to a twisted or a sprained ankle if this was executed recklessly. It’s most recommended that players who attempt to do two-footed tackle can only tuck one of their legs for the safety of their opponent.

Is Two-Footed Tackle Not Allowed?

For this note, the two-footed tackle is considered illegal, therefore, not allowable at all. This is not yet mentioned in the FIFA Rule Book, but if this inflicts danger to the safety of another player, then the player has to make modifications in their technique to defend the ball.