Lance Armstrong

Born Sep 18, 1971
Nationality United States United States

Lance Armstrong is an American cyclist knowing for holding the record of the most consecutive Tour de France wins. He has won the race seven times from 1999 to 2005. He is also a cancer survivor and is the man behind the Live Armstrong foundation.

Born, Lance Edward Gunderson in September 1971, he got his last name after his mother remarried and his stepfather named Terry Armstrong adopted him. As a teen, Armstrong started competing in triathlons. As a tri-athlete, he has won several awards and championships. However, it was later concluded that his strength lay in cycling and he has since then competed in various cycling competitions.

Armstrong’s greatest successes came from his wins at the Tour de France. He has also ridden and won several international and American competitions. During the 1996 Olympics, he finished in 12th place for the road race.

1996 was a difficult year for Armstrong as it was the time that he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. The cancer had metastasized to other parts of his body most significantly his brain, abdomen and lungs. He was subjected to surgery and chemotherapy. He opted out of the traditional chemotherapy drug cocktail in order to avoid lung toxicity associated with those meds. Instead he went for an alternative chemotherapy drug mix. His surgeries included removal of his testicle and brain surgery to remove tumors.

By 1998, Armstrong was gearing up for his post-cancer comeback. In 1999, he won the Tour de France. The first of a streak of 7 wins that would last into 2005. He retired in 2005, but announced his return to cycling in 2008. He aims to add another Tour de France win in 2009.

He has three children with his ex-wife Kristin Richard. After his 2005 departure from cycling, he has been focusing on the Lance Armstrong Foundation, most known for its banner – Live Strong.

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