Cameo is brief and quick scoring innings. It is often called cameo innings. It is a staple of a cricket game. It often called Botham Cameo, Gilchrist Cameo, Sehwag Cameo, and The Pietersen Cameo. It is also a word that is often thrown out in various circumstances. Cameo inning is a carefree spirit with a desire to entertain and to connect putting a bat on the ball.

Characteristics of Making Cameo Work

Duration of the innings - A cameo is brief and within the context of the game which is played. However, it is not enough to win a game. Test match cameo is tradition and falls between 40 and 70. Anything more is too significant for a cameo.

Type of player - Is there an enemy for Cameo? Yes and that is the player with flowing talent and entertainer that is not tied to the whole game. The most famous cricket player to be a maverick to this type of innings is Shahid Afridi. He played cameo innings all his life. The heart of cameo innings is from the player who is capable to do more.

Relevance - It is the key to a true cameo or possibly lack of it. Sometimes it can make to newspaper headlines or it will only get mentioned in the last paragraph of match news. Ultimately, it gains part of the emotional effect of its nature.

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