In cricket, “quickie” is a term that refers to a bowler who propels the ball to the stumps exceptionally fast. Some cricket players are all-rounders, or have the capacity to bowl and bath. But, there are bowlers who deliver high performance bowling consistently. One such player is called a “quickie” as a compliment.

Bowl or Delivery

Bowling a ball in cricket requires skill and precision. A bowler is given an opportunity to bowl or deliver in sets of six to complete an “over”. Bowlers arc the ball with the elbow extended and arm rotated and release it near the top of the arc. The movement is very specific and requires a specific angle of the elbow–that it must not extend more than 15 degrees during the action itself. In cricket, bowlers who rely on ball speed are called pace bowlers. Those who rely more on the spin to deliver well care known as spin bowlers. A select few are all-round bowlers or a mixed bag because they can do both techniques with great results.

Quickie Top Five: Best Bowlers Today

Five of the best bowlers in cricket today include an impressive list of athletes from five different countries. They are Jasprit Bumrah from India, Mitchell Start from Australia, James Anderson from England, and Trent Boult from New Zealand, and Kagiso Rabada from South Africa. Rabada, the South African is often regarded to be at the number one spot because of his speed and consistency.