In cricket, a half volley is a delivery of the ball close enough to the batsman so that the latter does not have to move too far. A half volley that is pitched so far up can drive it fractionally without even moving forward. If the batsman is very skilled at his game, then a half volley usually leads the ball to the fence for a boundary. This is not good for the bowler. Even average batters respond very well to a half volley.

Bowling in Cricket

To deliver the ball well, a bowler must propel the ball overhand. A good technique involved a straight elbow. Some bowlers use the left upper extremity while others use the right side. A good bowler can bounce the ball to a desired spot. Good bowlers have the skill to make the ball land near or at the opposing batsman’s feet. Command of pitch and direction are qualities shared by great bowlers in cricket. If the bowler delivers a good-length ball, the batsman would need a second or two to decide how to play his stroke. By then, he or she would be put at a disadvantage.

The term half volley is also used in tennis and pertains to a shot that the opposing player hits immediately after the ball bounces but before the ball reaches the apex of the bounce.