Agricultural Shot

In cricket, an agricultural shot is a type of swing of the bat across the line of the ball that is performed without much technique. Despite the lack of grace and efficiency, it is a powerful shot. Nevertheless, the ball tends to go to the cow corner, a region in the field deep on the leg side of the batsman. Moreover, an agricultural shot results in damage to the pitch.

A Scything Motion

The term “agricultural shot” may have arisen from the kind of motion performed by a batsman executing the shot. The arc of this particular type of swing resembles a scything motion a farmer may execute to cut or clear out vegetation.

Not in the Coach’s Manual

An agricultural shot is not in any cricket manual. The position of the head, shoulder and feet are incorrect. The grip of the batsman on the bat is faulty. The poor quality of execution and incorrect sequence of movement is quite evident to the observer. It is a graceless action that often brings with it a shower of dirt and grass. When a chunk of the pitch is flying off then a batsman had probably resorted to an agricultural shot. It is an unorthodox shot that is not in the books.

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