Unplayable Delivery is a difficult kind of delivery that a batsman could ever face. This means it could deceive a player in a subtle way and if this is bowled at a fast pace, it could hurt the batsman’s toe. Using the twenty20 format, players are allowed to use their feet to paddle sweep or they can modify their shots. However, this would cause a few more training and mastery to counter the unplayable delivery.

The Characteristics of Unplayable Delivery

This type would require precision and great skills from the bowler without the opponent’s depiction. Although being odd as it looked, the bowler has to look for ways to deceive the batsman that it’ll end up losing the wickets. Being deceitful as it sounds, it is the bowler’s responsibility to leave the opposing batsman clueless.

Shane Warne as The Greatest Unplayable Deliverer

One of the most successful cricket players who immortalized the title “Ball of the Century” is Australian Shane Warne. He always had magic in his hands when bowling because the ball looked harmless at first, but when the batsman received the ball, it will only leave them into shock and disbelief. Because of his drive-in playing cricket, he is great enough to beat down every batsman.

The Toughest Unplayable Delivery

There is 4 level of difficulties during an Unplayable delivery. The first one is the slow bouncer, in which the batsman needs to hit the ball hard, so the ball could go past the boundary using the deep fine leg positioning. The next one is Dossra, which will make every player confuse and Yorker which most batsman has difficulty in bowling a full toss of the ball. Lastly, the Legspin, where the batsman might not have any single ounce of idea where the ball is coming from. As mentioned, these are all deceitful and countering it is difficult.

Other Players who Mastered Unplayable Delivery

Adil Rashid is one of those players who dismissed KL Rahul, a cricket veteran. Rashid delivered his trademark leg-spinner move that ended up getting off-bail, which failed Rahul to attend. Eventually, Rashid succeeding in delivering this technique, which any batsman would haven’t done any better to counter it.