A “Sticky Dog” is a metaphor used to describe a sticky wicket or a wet wicket. This wicket condition will put players in a difficult situation wherein the ball might not bounce as they expected. The sticky dog is usually caused by a soft pitch or damp and cold weather. One of the infamous English journalists and sports writer used this term to criticize the 1981 Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack and wrote an article entitled “Sticky Dog is Put Down.”

The Effect of Sticky Wicket in a Match

These situations are usually happening in amateur matches, but since the weather is too unpredictable to handle, even professional matches can be victims of this situation. When the wicket becomes wet, it would be impossible for the ball to bounce normally. Fortunately, due to advanced technology and modern engineering structures, sticky dogs are most unlikely to happen because of the covering.

Events Where Sticky Wicket Happened

One great example of Sticky Dogs is the Ashes Series in 1950-51, where the pitch is starting to get dry, England announced their first innings to exploit the situation. Unexpected turn of events happened when Australia made a very extreme move in declaring 32/7. The ball warred by two countries performed against the law of gravitation and it was the unimaginable cricket game in history.

The Blemish in Don Bradman’s Career

Perhaps one of the most notable people in the world of cricket is Don Bradman, who was included in the Top 5 Cricketers of the Century. Bradman was known for having an amazing record; however, it was ruined by sticky dogs. Although this situation is quite understandable because he has no control over it, still his innings were greatly affected. So, experts studied how many matches were affected by rain.

Is it Okay to Play During Sticky Wicket?

The ideal weather would always be sunny, however, due to uncontrollable circumstances, then playing after raining would be acceptable. However, everyone should note that the ball wouldn’t bounce normally as before. Since most matches are played under a covered court, then damp grounds won’t affect the matches greatly.