As a mistimed shot, a skier is shot in cricket that was shot straight up in the air. This kind of shot is usually performed by batsmen. Then, the fielder would position himself to catch, yet ended up missing and dropping the ball. If this error would happen, then this would be pretty embarrassing for the fielder. Many spectators have said that skier is just brought by pure luck, but some would say it’s a unique talent.

Famous Cricket Skier

One of the most well-known freestyle skiers is Dirk Nannes, who rose to prominence in 1995 in FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup. Growing up, he never had the desire to play cricket nor is working out on his skills, however, his talent for cricket too excellent to deny. Since then, he was notoriously known as one of the most successful skier-cricketer as he played in different leagues.

Luck or Talent?

Many sports and psychoanalysts were debating whether skying is just based on luck or talent. Many batsmen are trained to do this trick, yet only some of them had perfected the skill. The secret in skying is to loftily hit the cricket ball, so it would look mistimed although it would accurately go up in the air. Because of its unexpected timing, many fielders would fail to catch the cricket ball.

The Strategy in Skying

The main player who’s responsible for throwing the ball up in the air would be the batsmen, supported by the fielders. Both of them should coordinate with each other to perfectly execute skying. They have to use a catching bat to effectively catch the cricket ball from the air. It would also work if the bat catapults the ball that has a high-quality foam face to strategically catch it at a realistic speed.

Characteristics of a Good Skier

A good skier has to be keen enough to manage and execute this strategy, thus he has to be a team player. A perfect example is Dirk Nannes, who is known to be very talented yet versatile enough to perfectly execute skying. A great skier has to be good at timing with proper coordination with his other teammates.