The women’s cricket is cricket composed of female players. The first match happened on July 26, 1745, in England. By 2005, it was administered separately from men’s cricket.

History of Women’s Cricket

The Reading Mercury magazine recorded the first-ever women’s cricket match that happened in 1974. This event was composed of 11 players from Hambledon and 11 players from Bramley who all wore white. By 1887, the first club for women was formed in Yorkshire. This was known as the White Heather Club. After three years, a team of players known as the Original English Lady Cricketers did a tour in England and were reported to have earned a lot of money, which was stolen by their manager.

In 1984, a women’s cricket league was set up in Australia and another one in Port Elizabeth in South Africa. In the same year, the city of Victoria in Canada also set up its own women’s cricket team. This team had their first match at Beacon Hill Park.

By 1958, the IWCC or the International Women’s Cricket Council was formed. This council was tasked to coordinate women’s cricket in the international scene. It replaced the Women’s Cricket Association that was formed in 1926.

In 2005, the International Women’s Cricket Council was merged into the ICC or the International Cricket Council. The merger was done to easily develop and manage cricket.

International Women’s Cricket

It was in December 1934 that the first international women’s cricket was played. This was a Test match between Australia and England. After a year, the team of New Zealand women’s cricketer joined the two teams. Soon after, team Netherlands joined in and did their first match with the team from South Africa.

After 1973, women’s ODI or the One Day Internationals have been contested and became the center for international women’s cricket. Since then, international Test cricket matches become a norm, including the nine well-organized Women’s Cricket World Cup tournaments. New Zealand, England and Australia topped the teams that have participated.

In 2004, a shorter format for international tournaments was developed and this was presented as the women’s Twenty20 International. Initially, this international tournament only involved four matches but later on, grew. By 2009, ICC Women’s World Twenty20 was established.