Wrong footed is a term used to describe a player who has a wrong foot. In cricket, it describes players who initially moves either forward or backward to delivery and at the last minute changes the foot being used. This is applicable to those who do spin bowling.

When it comes to bowling, bowlers display several different styles as well as a good number of similarities. There is only a handful who display very unique ways of bowling and these are the wrong-footed bowlers.

If a bowler is said to be wrong-footed, fans or spectators might see his or her action as resembling that of an octopus that is about to be released. Overall, the actions made by a wrong-footed bowler are considered as one of the most bizarre ones in the world of cricket.

Wrong Footed Bowlers

It is amazing to watch cricket when a wrong-footed bowler does the rounds. There are only a few who can manage to do it very well. One of these is Colin Croft. Croft was considered a fast bowler who was known for was known for giving off some of the most deceiving run-ups in all of the tournaments in the West Indies. He was also popular for his aggressive pace which often makes opponents lose their game.

Another famous wrong-footed bowler is Chris Harris. Harris is a medium-paced bowler who is famous for his wobbly-looking run-up while bowling the ball using the wrong foot.

Jeff Thompson and Lance Cairns also add to the list of wrong-footed bowlers. Thompson is known for being excellent in providing fans a slinging bowling action. In the 1970s, this Australian player was considered as the quickest one in the world and the most devastating to his opponents. Cairns on the other hand is a bowler from New Zealand that is famous for his good pace and exaggerated bowling style. He was one of those wrong-footed bowlers that did not know that something was wrong with his bowling style.

Last but not least is Mike Procter. Procter is considered as the best bowler to play using the wrong foot. This South African bowler displayed a similar style with Lance Cairns and had an excellent ability to bowl a ball over 90 miles per hour.