A short-pitched is a delivery made by the bowler that results in having the ball bouncing close to the bowler. The intent of making such a bowl is to make the ball bounce above the waist. Most deliveries by bowlers often bounce off the pitch towards the batsman. The technique used to pitch the bowl can significantly change the outcome of the game.

Other Sports that Uses the Term Pitch

The term short-pitched should not be confused with the term pitch used by the sport, baseball. The term pitch in baseball is not the same as cricket, wherein the ball is being propelled towards the batsman. This is referred to as bowling or as a delivery. In cricket, when the ball bounces near the bowler, it is called as pitched short. If the ball bounces near the batsman, it is referred to as pitched up. If the ball is pitched somewhere between the bowler and the batsman, it is called pitched on a length.

Other Terms in Cricket Where Pitch is Used

Short-pitched is also not the same as the cricket pitch, the area that consists of the central strip of the field that is between the wickets. The surface of the cricket pitch is flat and is usually covered in grass. If the pitch is damaged by the footmarks of the bowler, it can change the outcome of the match. In fact, these areas are often taken advantage of by bowlers.

How Short-Pitched Works?

The results of the game often fall between the bowler and the batsman. If a bowler uses short-pitched, it can give them an advantage, particularly if the batsman is on the weaker side. Most often, bowlers use this technique to intimidate the batsman with their fast short pitch delivery. However, if a batsman is good, they can transfer the pressure of the short ball to the opposing team by hitting the ball towards the boundaries. As a result, the batsman can earn more runs and increase the score of their team. Hence, it is advisable that bowlers should change their delivery tactics from time to time so that the batsman will be caught off-guard.