The term “shortstop” is a fielding position that is more commonly used in baseball.

In cricket, it has similarities to the position “Third Man”. A player in this position is placed there for damage control. They are directly behind the wicket-keeper at about 45 degrees to the wicket.

The main goal of this position is to keep additional runs from scoring. Most Test teams tend to focus on offense rather than defense.

The Shortstop in Baseball

Older references have noted that the term “shortstop” has its origins in cricket. There are “short” fielding positions in modern-day cricket, but they are more commonly referred to as the “short” or the “short leg”.

The shortstop is one of the most important fielding positions in baseball. A shortstop is positioned between the third baseman and second base. Players in this position are required to “stop short” to cut off center and left fielders.

The position was created by New York Knicks baseball player Doc Adams when he vacated the outfield and moved closer infield.

Baseball Shortstop VS Cricket

The main difference between baseball’s shortstop and cricket’s version is that in baseball, the shortstop uses gloves and protective gear. In cricket, only the wicket-keeper wears protective gear.

The Third Man in cricket usually stands behind the Wicket Keeper.