Quotient refers to the RpW Ratio or the Runs Per Wicket Ratio, a method of ranking teams in league tables in professional cricket games. Competing teams in a cricket match are paired according to their level of points as well as their quotient or RpW ratio. This method of ranking is being used in the 2019 - 21 ICC World Test Championship and is commonly referred to as the RpW Ratio. The method also graced Australia’s Sheffield Shield to determine the champions in the 1910-1911 Sheffield Shield Season. The quotient does not affect the final league positions because of the fractional bonus points for each run scored and wicket taken. The method was also used in India’s Ranji Trophy and the Duleep Trophy games.

Understanding Cricket Statistics

Cricket matches are generated based on a number of varied statistics. General statistics measured in the sport include matches or the number of matches played by the team, catches, or the number of catches taken and stumpings or the number of the stumpings made as wicket keeper. Statistics are recorded for each player during a match and is aggregated over his or her whole career. Professional cricket players under Test Cricket, One-day International and First Class Cricket are recorded separately. Some matches may combine two of the statistics from first-class cricket with test match statistics, but not vice versa. Records are also maintained for List A and Twenty20 limited over matches.

Batting Statistics in Cricket

Players’ statistics are also recorded based on their batting statistics. Among these statistics includes the number of innings in which a batman actually batted, not outs or the number of times the batsman was not out at the conclusion of the inning that they batted in as well as runs or the number of runs scored. The batting average of the player is also recorded and is determined by dividing the total number of runs by the total number of innings in which the batsman was out. The RpW ratio is also included in the batting statistics. This number is determined by the number of runs scored per wicket lost divided by the number of runs that were conceded per wicket that was taken. This ranking statistic is use in the league table of the World Test Championship under the ICC.