Quota in cricket is a system that was determined during the legislation in 1921. This quota limits the number of immigrant players to cricket. In South Africa Cricket, a strict quota system is practiced at the domestic level. All franchise teams in South Africa Cricket are required to field at least six players of color with three players strictly to be black Africans.

The Effect of Fulfilling a Quota in Professional Cricket Teams

If quotas are implemented in selecting team players for a professional cricket team, the top 11 players available for selection may not be able to participate to give way to the quota and to welcome minorities to be part of the team. There is however a positive side for having quotas in selecting players for a team. Quotas create equal opportunities for the marginalized communities. In some countries like South Africa, players from minority communities have proved their value in the different formats of cricket. This simply means that the selection process is not completely discriminatory. The selection process, even if it involves quotas is still based on merit.

Indian Cricket and Quotas

Meanwhile, in Indian Cricket, quotas are not encouraged but players need to display exceptional talent and performance over a long period of time to be able to represent the country. This is true even in the domestic level of tournaments in the country. Only 11 players are allowed to take part in the game. A quota may potentially give the opportunity for undeserving players to get selected to represent the country. However, this is not the case in South Africa which implements a quota for black Africans. Quotas are implemented, mostly in Africa to be able to make up for the lack of infrastructures available for the sport in the underprivileged areas in the region. The cricket board is concerned with how they are failing to encourage players from these underprivileged sectors to try out and excel in cricket. However, quotas can sometimes cause unpleasant race equations in the team. The debate whether quotas are indeed applicable for selecting team players in South Africa is still there. Avoiding racism is one of the reservations considered in applying quotas for player selection, but without the guarantee of improving the country’s performance in cricket.