Odds Match

Odds match refers to an uneven number of players in a match. This means that the other team has more players compared to the others. Extra players are usually allowed to field and bat. If there are more players in the field, then the bowling side will have more than 11 fielders.

Benefits of Odds Match

There are varied advantages that can be attributed when there is unequal number of players between the two teams. If the batting side has strong and aggressive batsman, the fielding team will require more fieldsman to ensure that the opposing team does not earn more runs. With more fielders on the field, it is easy to maneuver the ball and pass it to the wicket-keeper or the bowler and get the batsman dismissed.

Keeping the Game more exciting with Odds Match

The increased number of players on the field is totally reasonable, especially if the batsman emerges to be a powerful hitter. It keeps the sport more interesting and challenging at the same time. If there are additional fielders on the field, the batsman has to ensure that he could hit the ball towards the area where there are no fielders assigned. Otherwise, even if he is a strong batter, with more fieldsmen his number of runs might be limited to one or two.

Winning against Odds Match

One of the strategies for the fielding team to lessen the chance of the batting team to earn runs is to add players on the field. Although it might be a hindrance to the batting team to beat around the additional field players, this strategy actually tests the batsman’s skills. Taking a hit on the ball that hinders the fielders from catching the ball takes good calculations on whether the batter is able to earn a run or not.

This kind of dynamics is exciting to see while proving to be challenging at the same time. It is one of the perfect opportunities for the batsman to prove its batting skills despite the number of players on the field attempting to stop him from earning more score for his team.

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