In cricket, a half century is when a batsman or batswoman reaches 50 runs in an innings. Accordingly, when the batman or batswoman reaches a score of 100 runs in a single innings, it is considered a century. When the batter continues to score a century, the half century is succeeded by the century in statistics.

Fastest Half Century in T20s

Is it easy to score half centuries? Here’s a look at some of the cricket players that were able to score half-centuries in T20s the fastest.

Yuvraj Singh, a left-hand Indian batsman was able to complete his half-century in just 12 balls. This record is still held as the fastest half century in the T20I. Singh is a two-time World Cup winner and is now retired. But, his record for the fastest innings will forever be remembered.

Chris Gayle was able to achieve the feat of fastest half century in 2016 during the Big Bash league. He scored 56 runs off only 17 balls, with 7 sixes and 2 fours against the Melbourne Renegades.

Lastly, Hazratullah Zazai, a left-handed player from Afghanistan, was able to hit 6 sixes in 6 balls during the Afghanistan Premier League. In total he was able to score 62 runs off 17 balls.

These outstanding records differ depending on the game played. Another player holds the fastest half century for international cricket and One Day International Cricket. Another player also holds the spot for fastest half century in Test cricket and the like. No matter the result of the match, win or lose, a half century is always an amazing feat to accomplish and very well lauded by fans and spectators.

Half Century and Century Stats

When a player scores a half century and then a century later on in the game, the half century is not recorded in his stats, only the century. However, this isn’t much of deal because to be able to reach a century, the player must have first passed the half century mark. However, when a player continues to score another half century after passing a century, it will only be counted as a century until he reaches another hundred, and then it will be recorded in his stats as a double century and so on.