Jack, or most commonly called as the Last Man Jack, is referring to the batting order at position 11. Usually, the batting order comes as a pack in the numbers of 9 and 10, and then instead of saying 11, it was referred to as Jack instead. Those players who bat at these positions are usually middle-lower order batters, meaning that the Jack is the worst batsman the team has considered.

Where did Jack Originated?

The term, Jack, was originated as a joke or a cricket jargon pun. The Last Man Jack is the worst batsman of the team because they were supposed to be extra members of the team. This term also originated in card games where the proceeding number of 10 is called Jack. But of course, in the world of cricket, everyone has room for improvement. Others might find this as a joke, but this can be a motivation for improvement, too.

Who Qualifies as the Last Man Jack?

As mentioned, the one who holds the title, even when it was intended as a joke, is the worst batsman. The person who usually holds this position are usually beginners or under observation. However, they can use this as an advantage to learn and observe new techniques, while it’s not yet his turn to bat. Moreover, after playing in tests, then he can be a great batsman in the latter games.

What is the Job of the Last Man Jack?

Aside from observing and waiting for his turn, his primary job depends on maintaining the number of strikes until the close of play. He is supposed to protect other capable batsmen too from getting too tired or stay in the bad light. Their mere support as Jack is very important as their role as a back-liner could be the last chance for victory for their team.

Should the Last Man Jack be Ineffective?

Even the worst cricket player can’t go ineffective without proper training. This is only a reminder that everyone starts from scratch. The Last Man Jack should not be confused with the pinch hitter. Eventually, the Last Man Jack will soon be promoted up in limited-overs games. But if he wants to succeed on his own, then he should not play foolishly because he will be playing defensively over quick run-scoring. If found effective, then he can actually make a bigger score than others.

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