The term infield is constantly used in three different sports: Baseball, Tracks, and Cricket. In Baseball, infield means the baseball diamond ground and may also refer to the defensive players. Meanwhile in Tracks, infield may mean a closed auto racing track. On the other hand, Cricket infield refers to the central oval of the field, wherein players are playing.

Infield vs Close-Infield in Cricket

For cricket matches, the field markings are called infield and close infield. The oval is composed of a 30-yard radius that’s meant to pay respect to the breadth of the pitch. This marking is also called circle that divides infield, close infield, and outfield. These are the markings where restrictions are being implemented.

Skills of the Infielders

Most infielders have to possess a variety or a wide range of skills, where they can easily adapt to both consistency and agility. The catcher in-charge must take considerable time and effort to fulfill the requirement of accurately catching one ball in the entire game because his success in catching can determine the possible outcome of the game. The infielders are the main source of an exciting game and their capacity to catch the ball and throw it hard.

Infield Specialties

Many would simply imply that all infielders have faster reflexes than those who were playing outfield. Infielder players are required to anticipate the trajectory of the ball as soon as they were released and to easily adapt to its intensity. Players should always take note of their acceleration, throwing accuracy, and ground diving to win the match.

Infield Restrictions

There are two types of fielding restrictions for men and women to separately follow. For me, only the maximum of 2 fielders is in the outfield while the minimum of two fielders will be positioned in the of a 37-meter infield. If the number of innings is less than 25, then the restriction will be minimized to eight overs. As for the women, the field is quite small compared to men’s radius of the infield for women is about 23 meters. The same rule may apply, yet the number of overs and powerplay is reduced.