In general sports, a Humpty is an obvious win of one team. For instance, during the 2016 match between the countries of Zimbabwe and New Zealand, the match seemed to be one-sided even though it was highly exciting and loved by cricket fans. Another astounding and shocking result is when Sri Lanka led Australia into 2 succeeding defeats because Australia wasn’t able to cope up with too much heat and humidity.

What Happens in a Humpty?

The term “Humpty” is used to describe when one team has an obvious advantage in winning the match. Either way, Humpty is also used when the team with former glories suffered a great fall against the opponent. This kind of events would give excitement to the winning team, but an embarrassment to the losing team. For some, they would use delaying tactics just so the opposing team can catch up with the scoring.

Factors for Humpty Matches

Different kinds of reasons were being analyzed why one team is not competing greatly as the other. Just like Sri Lanka and Australian match, the reason would be the weather because Australian couldn’t tolerate the place’s heat, leading them to display slow pitches. Other reasons could include a lack of discipline and motivation during training and overconfidence.

Other Meanings of Humpty in Crickets

A Humpty is a hilarious and embarrassing fall of an audience from the bleachers. A Humpty Dumpty, or commonly known as Humpty, is likened to a Nursery Rhyme’s infamous character who fell from the wall. One of the most memorable Humpty is in the Tri-Series 2015 that even England’s losing side laughed when some members of the audience fell from the bleachers.

What Causes a Hilarious Humpty?

Many incidents could lead to Humpty. As mentioned, it happened in 2015 Tri-Series where English members, the losing side, burst into heavy laughter when one heavy-weight fan tried to field a ball. The painstakingly embarrassing moment was eventually televised and brought huge amusement among TV viewers and live cricket fans. A hilarious bleacher Humpty is never intentional even if it brings a great comedic feat to the audiences.