A jockstrap is an undergarment worn by cricket athletes to protect the male genitalia. It is also known as a cup, supporter, athletic supporter, a jock or a strap. Cricket is a rigorous port and the jockstrap protects the wearer from any possible contact it may suffer during a game. It consists of an elastic waistband with a support for the genitalia. Two more elastic straps are attached to the base of the pouch going opposite ways, to the left and right side of the waistband towards the hip. Some pouches have additional abdominal guards to protect the genitalia from injury.

The Origin of the Jockstrap

The term jockstrap originated from the word “jocky strap” and was introduced during the late 1800s. It was originally intended as a protective garment for delivery men and bicycle-riding messengers. The first ever jockstrap was called The Bike Jockey Strap and was manufactured in 1874 in America. During the 20th century, the jockstrap became influential in the field of medicine together with the invention of the Heidelberg Electric Belt. This electric powered jockstrap claimed to be a cure for insomnia, kidney disorders, erectile dysfunction and other ailments. The jockstrap is also a popular form of lingerie for men.

Why Do Cricket Players Wear Jockstrap?

Blunt trauma is one of the main reasons why cricket athletes wear jockstraps. In most models of this sport accessory, the placement of a hard plastic cup is allowed to protect the testicles from any impact during game play. Wearing a jockstrap also holds the male genitals in place and prevents excess motion during a cricket game. The ability to add a protective cup makes jockstraps better than supportive briefs to prevent excessive bouncing. In terms of comfort, wearing a jockstrap is close to the experience of wearing bikini underwear. The pouch of the jockstrap holds the manhood to support it in a way that is best possible. It can be ideally worn during gym as well or other types of contact sport. The protective cup is inserted in a pocket located in the pouch of the jockstrap as extra protection. It can be made of hard plastic or steel and is perforated to allow ventilation. Protective cups are also used in other sports such as martial arts, boxing, hockey, baseball and lacrosse.

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