Air is a terminology used in cricket sports that are usually phrased during delivery by “giving it some air” in the pitching of the ball. During the delivery of the ball, the spin bowler or the spinner will attempt to pitch on a higher trajectory towards the batsman. The type of delivery is a combination of topspin or backspin or with off-spin or leg-spin.

When to Use Air During the Game?

If the strategy is to deceive the batsman regarding the length of bowling, the pitcher can either use a topspin the manner in which the cricket ball is pitch in a forward rotation increasing its speed upon release, or a backspin, in which the cricket ball is a pitch with a backward spin decreasing the speed of the ball. If the strategy is to give the ball more time to drift, then an off-spin, a style of spin bowling that delivers right-handed finger spin, or a leg-spin, another style of spin bowling using right-handed wrist spin, are the options.

Combining Air with Topspin or Backspin

The purpose of combining air with either the topspin or backspin is actually considered a good bowling strategy as the delivery of the cricket bowl is thrown upwards in a curved trajectory by the spin bowler. If the pitcher uses topspin during bowling, the forward spinning motion of the ball hinders air traveling over the ball, while at the same time assists air traveling below the ball. This will result in the falling of the ball earlier and faster. If backspin is used during delivery, air traveling over the ball is clean and quick while air traveling below the ball is choppy, therefore, the ball will drop slower and travels more than the normal delivery.

Combining Air with Off Spin or Leg Spin

The use of air technique together with off-spin or the leg-spin results to a deceptive flight or loop. The off-spin often bowls faster, thus misleading the batsman the changes of the pace of the ball. This technique is primarily used as a defensive tactic that forces the batsman to stroke rashly. The leg-spin uses various air or flight by looping the ball in the air. This affects the aerodynamics of the ball allowing it to dip and drift before sharply spinning.

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