Zooter is another variation of the flipper. It is bowled by a leg breaker bowler. It is typically Zoots that are along the ground without much of the bouncing. The move might be a myth created by Shane Warne. It creates confusion on the opposing team.

The Trick of Zooter

Zooter or spin deliveries are considered the trickiest type of delivery a batsman will face. Even professionals and most experience batmen can find themselves having problems executing this type of action. Most famous cricketers include Sachin Tendulkar and David Bradman find this a very difficult move. Zooter is considered a type of leg spinner.

Zooter is lesser in terms of spin delivery compared to the quick bowler. It is much complex compared to the impact when it is touching the ground. Although, the leg spinner and off-spinner can turn the ball in a direction. This would require certain tricks that could catch those batsmen by surprise.

A Look at Zooter

Shane Warne is an Australian who used the Zooter technique. It is a delivery with little or no spin to this. The whole idea is to confuse the opponents. Instead of bowling the ball, which is expected by the batman. Pitching a Zooter is definitely a simple delivery that can catch anyone off guard. Therefore, it leads to the success of the team.

Zooter is a form of the flipper. It is a flipper that is bowled from the front hand. In the end, it is not difficult to bowl this however i

Zooter can also be called a form of flipper which is bowled from the front of the hand. It’s not as difficult to bowl as the flipper itself but then neither is it as difficult to play.