Wagon Wheel is also known as battling shot placement. It is a graphic representation of the cricket field particularly the top view. From the batsman’s position, lines are drawn towards the field. These lines represent the paths of the balls that were hit by the batter. There are many advantages to using the Wagon Wheel. When one views the diagram, one can see which part of the field where a batman runs on a frequent basis.

Cricket Scoring

Traditionally, the scorebook is not recording the ball where the batsman is facing. In the 19th century, a linear scoring system is being developed. It keeps track of the ball each faced by the batsman. In the 1890’s JG Jackschon devised a separate memorandum alongside the score sheet to track each batsman. More details should be recorded hence the wagon wheels are needed. These charts are prepared to show which part of the field where the scoring shot was made. It offers the advantage where the batman is hitting the ball.

Apps with Wagon Wheel

There are a lot of apps today that incorporate Wagon Wheel along with other helpful tools for cricket strategy. There are some Wagon Wheels that are color-coded with the representation of each shot hit by the batmans in a game. It is ideal to take advantage of the apps available than painstakingly create everything by hand.