Extra is a cricket term describing a run that is not caused by any batsman, or the striking of the ball. This run is not scored or awarded to any individual batsman but is credited to the batting team. It is commonly known as sundry in England and in Australia.

The extras earned are separately tallied on the scorecard. These points are then counted and added to the team’s score. A game that comes with several extras is often understood as untidy bowling, while those that come with only a few extras are considered as tidy bowling.

Types of Extras

An extra comes with five types. These types include no-balls, wides, penalties, leg byes and byes. Byes, leg byes and penalties are known as fielding extras. This means that fielders are the reasons why an extra is given to the opposing team. Wides and no-balls on the other hand are called bowling extras since the bowler is the reason behind the giving of an extra.

A no-ball is called by an umpire when a bowler commits an illegal move while bowling. One of the most common reasons for a no-ball is when a bowler’s front foot oversteps the popping crease. Since it is the bowler who is at fault in a no-ball, the score is automatically awarded to the batting team.

Wides on the other hand are the balls that are delivered too far from the batsmen, making them unable to hit it. In addition to the distance, the ball that is delivered should not touch any part of the equipment or the body of the batsman in order for it to be called as a wide.

The third type of extra is penalty or penalty runs. A penalty committed results in runs or extras being awarded to the team that did not commit the penalty. These penalties are called for various rule-breaking conduct of players resulting to unfair play.

The last two types are the bye and leg-bye. A bye is called when the ball delivered by the bowler does not make contact with any body part, protective gear and the bat of a batsman. On the other hand, a leg-bye is called only when the ball delivered does not hit the bat or the hand that holds the bat but hits any part of the batman’s body.