Herefordshire County Cricket Club

Country England England
City Herefordshire
Founded 1836

In the English domestic cricket structure Herefordshire County Cricket Club (CCC) makes up the Minor Counties. This club represents the county of Herefordshire and participates in the MCCA Knockout Trophy and the Minor Counties Championship.

The Herefordshire CCC takes part in matches around the county at Kington, Eastnor, Colwall, Brockhampton and the Luctonians club at Kingsland close to Leominster. The Minor Counties in England take part in three day matches the level of which is lesser than the first class game. Currently Herefordshire takes part in the Western Division of the Minor Counties Championship along with Wiltshire, Wales Minor Counties, Shropshire, Oxfordshire, Cheshire, Cornwall, Dorset, Devon and Berkshire.

As per the investigations cricket had reached Herefordshire during the 18th century or possibly earlier. In this county the earliest recall to cricket has been in 1823. In 1836 a county club was established however it is not in existence currently.

The Herefordshire club started competing in the Minor Counties Championship from 1992 by substituting Durham which was promoted to the first class status in that year.

The cricketers from Herefordshire which made an effect on the first class game were Harvey Trump, Neal Radford, Naved-ul-Hasan, Martin McCague, Ismail Dawood, Kevin Cooper, Mohammad Ali and Steve Adshead.

Apart from the two major tournaments mentioned above the Minor counties also play a one day knock out competition that is played in groups. In 2000 Herefordshire won the knock out competition by defeating Cheshire at Lord’s in the final by 42 runs. In 1995 Herefordshire reached the final of this competition however was beaten by Cambridgeshire.

Major achievements

The Herefordshire CCC has won the MCCA Knockout Trophy once in 2000.

It has not been able to win the Minor Counties Championship however shared it once in 2002 along with Norfolk.

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