Dorset County Cricket Club

Country England England
City Dorset
Founded 1896

Within the English domestic cricket structure the Dorset County Cricket club (CCC) makes up the Minor Counties. The Dorset CCC represents the county of Dorset and participates in the MCAA Knockout Trophy as well as the Minor Counties Championship.

Currently this club is based at Dean Park in Bournemouth which is not within the traditional boundaries of the county and at this place the club plays its matches also. Dorset CCC takes part in the Western Division of the Minor Counties championship. These Minor Counties play at a level lesser than that of a first class game and they play in three day matches.

It is gauged that cricket reached the Dorset county through Hampshire the neighboring county during the end of the 17th century. The earliest recall for cricket in Dorset is on 9th May 1738 which is an advertisement in the Sherborne Mercury. At Ridgway Races twelve Dorchester men confronted twelve men from some other place to play cricket with them and the prize of the match would be twelve pair of gloves that were priced at a shilling a pair.

As per Wisden a county organization was extant in 1862 or 1871. The current Dorset CCC was established on 5th February 1896 and it started playing the Minor Counties Championship in 1902.

A prominent Dorset cricketer who made an effect on the first class game was Nigel Cowley.

For the 2008 season Alan Willows has been appointed as 1st XI coach. He is a former Dorset CCC and Sussex CCC all-rounder as well as he has represented the county from 1990 to 1997. The captain of the team would be Tom Hicks and the vice captain would be Chris Park.

Major achievements

The Dorset County Cricket Club won the MCCA Knockout Trophy once in 1988 and the Minor Counties Championship once in 2000.

Team Roster

Name Role
Christopher Robert Jones England batsman

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