In the English domestic cricket structure the Cornwall County Cricket Club (CCC) is one of the county clubs that make up the Minor counties. The Cornwall CCC represents the historic county of Cornwall and participates in the MCCA Knockout Trophy and the Minor Counties Championship.

The Cornwall CCC is based at St. Levan in Penzance and it participates in matches around the county at St Austell, Truro, Falmouth and Camborne. The Minor counties are involved in three day matches that are played at a level lesser than the first class game. Currently Cornwall CCC takes part in the Western Division of the Minor Counties Championship.

Country England England
City Cornwall
Founded 1894

The Cornwall CCC does not have a memorable record in either the MCCA Knockout Trophy or the Minor Counties Championship. It has not been able to win either of these any time.

As per the investigation done it appears that cricket reached Cornwall in the 18th century or even earlier. The earliest reference to cricket in the county is in 1813 when a county organization was existing in the county. The current Cornwall CCC was established on 12th November 1894 and took part in the Minor Counties Championship for the first time in 1904.

Some of the prominent cricketers from the Cornwall CCC that have made an impression on the first class game are as follows – Charlie Shreck, Pasty Harris, Carl Gazzard, Ryan Driver, Anthony Penberthy and Jack Crapp.

In the MCCA trophy 2006 some Group 3 matches were played as follows – On 14th May the match between Cornwall and Berkshire was won by Cornwall by 8 wickets. On 7th May the match between Cornwall and Wales M C was won by Cornwall by 98 runs.

Major achievements

The Cornwall CCC has taken part every year in the Minor Counties Championship from 1904 till date with the exception of 1920.