In the game of cricket, Scotland is represented by the Scotland national cricket team. In 1992 this team cut its links with the England cricket team and in 1994 the team was elected to associate membership of the International Cricket council.

In 1785 Scotland played its first cricket match in Alloa. In 1865 it played its first full match which was against Surrey and which was won by Scotland by 172 runs. In 1879 the first Scottish Cricket Union got established and three years later the Scotland team defeated Australia by seven wickets. This cricket Union ceased to exist in 1883 and the management of the game was taken over by Grange CC up to 1909. In 1888 Scotland played the first match against Ireland in Dublin which Scotland lost. Before the beginning of World War 2 Scotland played against New Zealand, an all-Indian team, the West Indies and South Africa.

In 1980 Scotland participated for the first time in English domestic cricket when they took part in the Benson & Hedges Cup for the first time. After three years Scotland also played in the Nat West trophy. Their first win in the Benson & Hedges Cup was in 1986 against Lancashire.

Country Scotland Scotland
Founded 1879
Coach Shane Burger

Scotland was permitted to qualify for the 1999 Cricket World Cup however in all the five matches the team was defeated. The team could not qualify for the 2003 Cricket World Cup.

During the ICC Trophy in 2001 Scotland lost a play-off match to Canada and hence finished fourth. However in the 2005 tournament Scotland defeated long-time opponents Ireland in the final and won the tournament.

During the 2007 Cricket World Cup Scotland was defeated in all matches in the initial stage and could not advance further from the first round of the tournament. As the team had reached the final of the World Cricket League in 2007 it got qualified to participate in the Twenty20 World Championship hosted by South Africa. In this tournament also Scotland could not win any match and in the first round the team was eliminated.

Major Achievements

Won the ICC Intercontinental Cup in 2004

Match Schedule