The national cricket team that represents Canada in men’s international competition is the Canada Cricket Team which is managed by Cricket Canada association. This team is not permitted to play Test matches but can participate in One day international matches as well as first class matches with some other opposition that also does not play Tests.In 1859 an English team was led by George Parr to Canada and this was the first international tour in cricket. This tour was also carried to the United States and the English team won all five matches. In 1867 Canada became a nation and the first Prime Minister of Canada John A. Macdonald considering the popularity of cricket declared it as a national sport. However the effect of baseball from the United States was that the popularity of cricket decreased. After Canada started playing cricket largely on a international level, Canada faced many new teams. In 1973 Canada and Ireland participated in a match that was drawn. Canada made their debut in the ICC trophy in 1979. In this trophy Canada reached the final and hence was qualified for the 1979 World Cup. In this Cup Canada played their first One Day Internationals however the lost all three games and could not progress through the first round.The first ICC Americas Championship was hosted and won by Canada in 2000. In the 2003 World Cup Canada defeated Bangladesh which was their first One Day win. However against Sri Lanka they were all out for 36 which was the least score in the history of One Day cricket. Further against West Indies the quickest World Cup century was scored by John Davison but Canada could not win the game.In the ICC trophy in 2005 Canada was ranked third and hence offered official One Day International status starting from 2006 and ending till the 2009 ICC World Cup qualifier. In the 2007 the team was driven out in the initial stages. It has been planned that Canada will be a host to Bermuda for three One day International matches as well as a host to Bermuda and Scotland for Intercontinental Cup matches in June and July 2008. Further in August Ireland will be a host to Canada for one One day International and one Intercontinental Cup match.

Country Canada Canada
Founded 1968

Major achievements

2004 Runners up in the Intercontinental CupWon the 2000 and 2004 ICC Americas Championship