Bermuda national cricket team

Country Bermuda Bermuda
City Bermuda
Founded 1966

The Bermudian cricket team is the team representing Bermuda in the sport of cricket, governed by the Bermuda Cricket Board. The Bermuda Cricket Board was elected to Associate Membership of the International Cricket Council, the global ruling body for the sport, in 1966.

In 1960 Bermuda toured England for the first time. Bermuda is the venue where the first person who was a non-Yorkshireman participated for the Yorkshire County Cricket Club. In 1966 Bermuda became the Associate member of the ICC. In 1972 when Bermuda played in a match against New Zealand it was granted first class status. After this match Bermuda has participated in several international competitions.

Bermuda played in the ICC Intercontinental Cup in 2004 and 2005 where they were in the same group as the United States and Canada. The greatest cricketing moment for Bermuda was on 7th July 2005 as the team qualified for the 2005 ICC trophy semi finals. It indicated that they would be able to participate in the 2007 Cricket World Cup.

The first one day international of Bermuda took place in May 2006 where they defeated Canada in Trinidad. Also Bermuda became the fourth team to win their first one day international after Zimbabwe, New Zealand and Australia. However in the second one day international they were defeated by Zimbabwe.

The 2007 World cup saw the Bermuda national team play their first ever World cup. The team lost the first three games heavily but later drew their matches with Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh. However they were eliminated out of the tournament in the first round.

Major achievements

Runners up at the 1982 ICC Trophy

Won the ICC Americas Championship

Highest team ICC Trophy total: 407 for 8 against Hong Kong, 13 June 1986 at Nuneaton, England

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