The Sinhalese Sports Club> is a first class cricket club which is based in Sri Lanka. This sports club is known as one of the most successful clubs in Sri Lanka and in Sri Lankan domestic cricket. The captain of the team is Kaushal Silva.

The home ground of the club is the Sinhalese Sports Club Ground which has a capacity of 10,000 people. The present squad includes Tharanga Paranavitana, Kaushal Silva, Kaushal Lokuarachchi, Milan Fernando and many others.

Country Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
City Colombo

Major Achievements

The Sinhalese Sports Club has so far won the Premier Trophy with a record of thirty times till 2008. The years that they won this title were 1938-39, 1939–40, 1943–44, 1944–45, 1946–47, 1947–48, 1948–49, 1949–50, 1951–52, 1958–59, 1959–60, 1961–62, 1966–67, 1968–69, 1971–72, 1972–73, 1973–74, 1974–75, 1977–78, 1983–84, 1985-86 (the club shared the trophy with the other team), 1986–87, 1988-89*, 1989–90, 1990–91, 1992–93, 1994-95 (the club shared the trophy with the other team), 1997–98, 2005–06, 2007–08. The club even won the Premier Limited Overs Tournament five times and the Twenty20 Tournament once in 2005-06.