The Colts Cricket Club> is a first class cricket team which is based in Colombo in Sri Lanka. The captain of the team is Malinda Warnapura, with the home ground being, the Colts Cricket Club Ground. This club has won the Premier Trophy for four times. The club has even won the Premier Limited Overs Tournament for once. The first match of this club was in 1976-77 with the last match played in 2010.

The club has been a part of Sri Lanka, and recently has an equal number of Indians playing for the club. For many years, the club used to be one of the best teams in the league placed in the first division. With many changes in the team, the club was placed to the second division in 1994. The following years, Colts had a new team and irrespective of individual performances, the team slipped down further to the third division.

Country Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
City Colombo

It was felt that the members need to commit more to the performance. The captain of the team being Ranesh Peiris, who did an amazing job of regrouping of the team, the club did perform well. With the Trojan Cricket Club, the team included some talented players who contributed amazingly to the functioning of the team. By 1996 season, the team started playing a disciplined style of cricket under Ranesh and won the third division league championship too. Later on, they got promoted to the second division in 1997. During this time, the team had changed as the players had moved out of Southern California. However, the core of the team remained intact. They finished in the third place in the league and also in the playoffs, once again being promoted to the first division.

Major Achievements

The Colts Cricket Club has won the P Saravanamuttu Trophy once in 1991-92 and the Premier Trophy for four times. This trophy was won in 1999-2000, 2001-02, 2004-05 and in 2008-09.