Colombo Malay Cricket Club

Sport Cricket
Country Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
Home town Colombo
Founding year 1872

The Colombo Malay Cricket ClubColombo Malay Cricket Club> was inaugurated in 1872 and is the first Ceylonese Cricket Club. By 1892, initialized as CMCC, the club defeated the Colts Cricket Club in a historic match held at the Rifle Green with the Colts Cricket Club being monopolized by the Europeans during that period. In 1895, the first Ceylonese of the club, S.S. Hassan found a place in the All Ceylon side, which was dominated by the Europeans that time to play against the Straits Settlements. The team included Major Henry McCallum who joined Ceylon as the Governor.

It was in 1907, when the club became the first sports institution in Ceylon for undertaking a tour abroad and to play cricket against foreign team in Bombay, India. The captain of the team, A.C. Ahamat captained the club when they played against Australian touring team that was led by E. P. Waddy in 1914. Six years later in 1920, the club became the champions under the captaincy of a lawyer, Patron T. K. Burah. After two years, celebrating the Golden Jubilee in 1922, the club joined hands with other clubs in order to establish the first centralized cricket administration of the country, the founder member being the Ceylon Cricket Association.

The club hosted their historic inauguration at the Rifle Green pavilion of the new control body for cricket in the country, the Ceylon Cricket Board of Control in 1948. Later on, in 1965, there was merging of two associations (Ceylon Cricket Board of Control formed in 1948 and the Ceylon Cricket Association founded in 1922) to give rise to the Board of Control for Cricket in Ceylon with the club maintaining their status being of the controlling club. It was in 1970 that the club achieved a unique distinction to become the first ever Colombo Club Hockey team from Ceylon to ever participate in a foreign match, which was the 25th Annual G. Kuppasamy Naido Memorial Hockey Tournament held in India.

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