Domestic cricket is played in Sri Lanka between the clubs which are entirely recognized by the Sri Lankan cricket board. Prior to 1972, it was known as Ceylon and cricket was initially restricted to games played by combined Ceylon teams overseas or against any touring international sides. Australia and England would always stopover in Colombo on their way to respective destinations and play matches.

The first such kind of match was played in 1882, against the touring England team. In 1937 only, with structured system of inter club first class tournaments got conceived and was known as the Daily News Trophy. This title naturally got changed to P Saravanamuttu trophy in 1950-51 and then as the Robert Senanayake Trophy in 1976-77. With sponsors coming into picture, it came to be known as the Lakspray Trophy and later renamed to the Sara Trophy after 8 seasons.

Country Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
City Colombo

It was in 1998-99, when the tournament changed its title to the Premier Trophy. Presently, the Bloomfield Cricket and Athletic Club> is a first class cricket team which is based in Colombo in Sri Lanka. The captain of the team is Shanuka Dissanayake. The home ground of this team is Bloomfield Cricket and Athletic Club Ground. The team has so far won around Premier Trophy for eight times. They won the Premier Limited Overs Tournament five times. However, the team never won a single Twenty20 tournament.

=== Major Achievements ===

The team won the P Saravanamuttu trophy thrice in 1963-64, 1994-95 and in 1996-97. They won the Robert Senanayake Trophy twice in 1980-81 and in 1981-82 respectively. Other than that, the Bloomfield Cricket and Athletic Club once the Lakspray Trophy in 1982-83. The team even won the Premier Trophy twice in 1998-99 and in 2003-04 season.