Arcadians Cricket Club

Country England England
City Gloucester
Founded 1932

The Arcadians Cricket ClubArcadians Cricket Club> is based in Gloucester and was formed in 1932. The club name is derived from the ancient Greek province of Arcadia. The League Team captain of this club is Andre Wagener whilst Rakesh Kapila is the team captain Blues. Martin Gregson is the head coach of this club. The club has tremendous success in local cup competitions like the Dymock cup and the Huntley Knockout. Youth Cricket is the number one priority for this club. The youth competition matches are held on Sunday mornings.

Major Achievements

The Arcadians Cricket Club has won various honors and awards. In 2008, they won the Wasantha Medagoda and Mario award. In 2009, they won the Colin Walker and the Alvandre Thompson award. The Rookie of the year award was given to William Rasschaert in 2007, Ayush Kapila in 2008 and John Kamal in 2009.

The most valuable members off the field are Jan De Baets (2006), Priscilla Draper (2007), Niki Lin (2008) and Marianne De Grave (2009). Fielders of the year award were honored to Nigel Wall Stain (2006), Colin Walker (2007), Martin Gregson (2008) and Thompson Alvandre (2009).

There were also awards for bowler of the year. Abbas Tasawar won the title in 2006. Thompson Alvandre won thrice this title in three consecutive years, from 2007 to 2009.Colin Walker took the maximum batsmen of the year award from 2006 to 2009.

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