The Long Eaton Cricket club

Country England England
City Long Eaton

The Long Eaton Cricket club> or more known as Long Eaton CC is a major cricket club which is based in the Long Eaton town. This town is located between Nottingham and Derby. This club plays in Division A side of the South Notts Cricket League, with a Second XI in Division E and a Third XI in Division P. There are three adult sides of this club that play on Saturdays and two on Sundays.

Along with these teams, there are also junior side teams for all age groups from under 11s Kwik cricket to under 15s. There is also a Veteran’s team that plays regular matches on Friday evenings with two mid week teams.

History of this club till 1979

This is a friendly and an ambitious club having an exceptional history. Though no one can be hundred percent sure when cricket started in Long Eaton, but records say that the village played their first cricket recorded match in June 1844. It was in 1875 that the amateurs who played occasionally as Long Eaton were formed and the name of this team changed to simply Long Eaton from Long Eaton atlas club. With many changes in the names, one can get a quick glance on how difficult it must have been to track cricket in Long Eaton.

The first recorded 50 for a player was by Enoch Cook who made 61 runs on 9th of July at home against Trinity Unity CC. This club, Long Eaton Cricket Club had a few exceptional players who represented Derbyshire during this period too. By 1884, the title of this club changed to Long Eaton cricket club again from Long Eaton amateurs. During the next ten years, the clubs name was changed for four times and ended lastly as Long Eaton Town cricket club.

From 1959 to 1972, it was the golden years for this club when they won the maximum matches under the captain, Brian Fitch. It was the last year for Fitch in 1979 when the side lost to Quarndon in the finals of the Jackson Cup in Derby.

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