Roehampton Cricket Club

Country England England
City Stanlake
Founded 1842

Founded in 1842, Roehampton Cricket Club is one of the oldest cricket clubs in England. Based in South-West London in the picturesque district of Putney, their playing ground is located by the village green, and the club has been playing there regularly since 1859.

With a great deal of history and legacy behind them, the club has two sides to attribute all this fame and success to. One side competes in the highly intense Fullers Surrey County League, while the other side plays on a social platform. The Roehampton Cricket Club fondly boasts of many prominent honorary members. For instance, the son the millionaire Junius Morgan, JP Morgan was given the honorary membership after he developed a fondness towards cricket.

Similarly, Sir Ernest Shackleton, the famed Antarctic Explorer, was also made the honorary member of the club. It is worth mentioning that when he was in the RCC in the year 1910, he let his two young children play the game of Indians and cowboys on the cricket ground.

The pavilion for the club was constructed a few years later, which was destroyed by one of the German bombs that struck the area during the World War II. Owing to the destruction around the area, the Wildcroft Road (where the RCC is located) moved on to become a major road to be used by the American soldiers for entering the SW London. It has been reported that often, the American soldiers would stop on the way to enjoy the game of cricket.

In 2008, in addition to the Senior section, another section was added to the RCC known as the Colts. This is mainly for the teenagers and young children who are interested in cricket. As for the Senior section, they have four teams competing in the various domestic tournaments.

Batting honors

Sean Farrell took the most batting honors in 2008. Some of the teams he played with include Westfield Saints, Haslemere 2nd XI, Guildford City 2nd XI and Carshalton & Croydon Gas 2nd XI. In 2007, most of the batting credit was taken by Dave Rebetzke with 127* against Old Tenisonians 1st XI team, Richard Cook with 105* against Old Tenisonians 1st XI team and Stephen Mowatt with 100 against Shepperton 1st XI.

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