Princes Risborough Cricket Club

Country England England
City Princes Risborough
Founded 1837

Princes Risborough Cricket Club is a professional cricket club based in Princes Risborough, Wycombe district in Buckinghamshire, England. The formation of club dates back to 1837, though there are evidences of club formation dating back to 1774, when the gentlemen of Risborough club were to play the gentlemen of Buckinghamshire on the High Wycombe. The entertainment that followed after and during the match led to formation of the club. Immediately after the Second World War the club started functioning and was reformed during this period. Mr. Alan Copcutt along with fellow club members led the reformation of the club. During the 1950s the club built a new square in their present location and was funded by a grant given to the club. During mid 1950s the club introduced their 2nd XI team; however they struggled to fill this side. The 1960s saw a new brick built facility of the club, which now housed a tea room and a bar. The permanent pavilion was also high feature of the club.

The club had been recognized as a friendly and social cricket club with complete ground facilities in Chilterns area. The club has a very fine record in the senior cup of Buckinghamshire league in recent years, and provides healthy playing opportunity for all senior and junior players.

Princes Risborough Cricket Club received the ECB ClubMark in September 2008. This mark establishes that a club is well operating with proper concentration on coaching members and providing complete facilities prescribed by the ECB.

The club is hoping to form a new girl’s team to compete in the 2011 league. And also extend the club facilities to accommodate the girl’s team.

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