Netherlands national women's cricket team

Country Netherlands Netherlands
City Netherlands
Founded 1984
Website http://NA

The Netherlands are represented on the International women’s cricket world by the Dutch women’s cricket team. One striking difference from the men’s cricket team for the country is that the women’s team has both Test and ODI status. The team played their first ever match back in 1984 against the New Zealand.

The 1980’s saw the Dutch women participating on the International front for the first time in 1984 for a one-day match. The Dutch men would still require 12 years to play their first ever ODI match. Although Netherlands lost their first match, they played their next international match in 1988 at the World Cup and finished at the final spot. In 1989, the team also participated in their first ever European Championship in 1989 and ended up being third-best.

In the 1990’s, the Netherlands national women’s cricket team gave moderate performances again finishing last at the 1993 World Cup and third at the European Championship in 1990. The team also travelled to Germany in 1997 and played 2 one-days there against Denmark. The Dutch women brought home glory after returning victorious from Sri Lanka for a 3-match tour. Netherlands also made it to the quarter finals at the 1998 World Cup but lost to Australia.

The team gained Test status in 2006 when ICC declared that the top 10 listed teams would be granted both Test and ODI status. Overall, the team has won 18 one-days while losing 57. They have appeared for all World Cup tournaments from 1988 till 2001. They failed to qualify for the 2003 World Cup and missed out the advantage of home grounds. The team also played a test series, their very first one, against South Africa in 2007. 2009 saw the team participate for their first Twenty20 tournament. They have also created their Dutch XI team in 2009 that stars young and talented players.

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