Northumberland County Cricket Club

Country England England
City Northumberland
Founded 1895

The Northumberland County Cricket Club represents the county of Northumberland in the Minor Counties Championship. The club is one of the several Minor Counties in England and participates at the MCAA (Minor Counties Cricket Association) Knockout Trophy along with the Minor Counties Championship.

The origins of the club go back to the early 19th century when a county organization existed in 1834. Later in 1895, the present official club was founded. The Minor Counties Championship was into its second season (1896) when Northumberland joined it. The club has participated in every season of the championship with the exception of one in 1898.

The home ground of the Northumberland club is located at Benwell Park, as the club is based in Jesmond. The club also plays at another ground which is located in south of county, at the South Northumberland CC ground. The counties competition is at one level below the first-class matches and played as a three-day series. The current squad is captained by Phil Nicholson.

Some of the popular cricketers of the club include Leslie Townsend, Eddie Phillipson, Norman Graham, Colin Atkinson and many more.

Major achievements

The Northumberland club has won one MCAA Knockout Trophy in 2006 after defeating Dorset in the final clash.

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Team Roster

Name Role
Ramanpreet Singh England wicket-keeper

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