The Cambridgeshire County Cricket Club is a county club in England which plays at the MCAA (Minor Counties Cricket Association) Knockout Trophy and the Minor Counties Championships in the country. The club represents the county of Cambridgeshire and is one of the Minor Counties in the English domestic cricket structure.

According to historic reports, the Cambridgeshire and Cambridge Town Club are the same clubs and represent the county as a whole. The earliest known match played by the club was in 1918 against the Cambridge University Cricket Club. It is believed that the club was formed sometime before its match in 1918. Cricket was already being played in the county since the 17th century with a reference to a match being played back in 1710.

Country England England
City Cambridgeshire
Founded 1891
Ground The Avenue Sports Club Ground

After 1847 the club officially changes its name to Cambridge Town. The club attained first-class status in 1857 and maintained it till 1871. In 1969 however, the club was dissolved and two matches held in 1969 and 1971 were played by former players of the same club. These matches were recorded under the club’s former name, Cambridgeshire. The club recorded a moderate win record and won 13 of the first 39 first-class matches while losing 21. 5 of these total matches ended up in a draw.

The home ground for most of the matches held in those times was the Fenner’s ground. A popular player from the club was Thomas Hayward who scored maximum runs amongst all players. Another important player was Robert Carpenter, along with whom Hayward made a total of 212 runs for the third wicket partnership. Hayward and Carpenter were some of the finest players of the early 1860s era. Other popular players include Jack Hobbs, Derick Parry, Mike Brearley, Gerry Alexander, Terry Jenner and many more.

Major achievements

The club has won the MCAA Knockout Trophy twice and the Minor Counties Championship once.