Lincolnshire County Cricket Club

Sport Cricket
Country England England
Home town Lincolnshire
Founding year 1906

The Lincolnshire County Cricket Club represents the county of Lincolnshire at the Minor Counties Championship. The club is one of the oldest at the domestic cricket structure in England. The club also participates at the MCAA (Minor Counties Cricket Association) Knockout Trophy. Based in the town of Lincoln, the club members also take part in matches held at Cleethorpes, Sleaford, Grantham and Bourne.

The minor counties consist of those counties from England and Wales which have not been allotted the first-class stature. The matches played at the Minor Counties Championships are considered to be one level below that of first-class games. Currently, the club participates at the Eastern Division of the Minor Counties Championship.

Right since the 18th century, cricket has been a part of the local people. The earliest reference of cricket being played at the county is in 1792. An official club was established in 1906. Arthur Priestley made a noteworthy move when he joined the club after leaving Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club. Earlier, he played as a amateur for Nottinghamshire.

In 1903, the Gentlemen of Philadelphia visited England and played against the Lincolnshire XVI with Bart King scoring a remarkable 176 runs. From 1907 till 1914, the club participated at the Minor Counties Championship. Later on, it regularly participated at the competition since 1924.

Some notable players of the club include Sonny Ramadhin, Arthur Priestley, Duncan Fearnley, Geoff Cope and many more.

Major achievements

The club has won the Minor Counties Championship twice in 1966 and again in 2003. In 2001, they shared the trophy as the match was tied.

Ever since it was started in 1983, the club has never won the MCCA Knockout Trophy.

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