The Wiltshire County Cricket Club counts amongst the oldest county clubs in England. It was established back in February 1981. The club is a part of the Minor Counties in England’s domestic cricket structure. The club represents the county of Wiltshire and plays at the MCAA (Minor Counties Cricket Association) Knockout Trophy as well as the Minor Counties Championship.

Presently, the team participates at the Western Division in the Minor Counties Championship. The club is based in the town of Swidon and regularly participates at the towns of Salisbury, Westbury, Corsham and Trowbridge in the county. The teams at the Minor Counties meet up frequently and play three-day matches at one level below the first-class matches.

Country England England
City Wiltshire
Founded 1881

Some of the famous players that have made a mark on the history of the club are Jim Smith, Beverley Lyon, Jon Lewis, Liam Dawson and James Tomlinson.

Major achievements

The club has won two Minor Counties Championship title two times, once in 1902 and then again in 1909.

They have yet to win a MCCA Knockout Trophy ever since it was started in 19

Team Roster

Name Role
Michael David Bates England wicket-keeper
Christopher Charles Benham England wicket-keeper