Bedfordshire experienced cricket for the first time by the end of the 17th century. In 1741, cricket was mentioned to the county people at Woburn Park which was played between two teams. One team was a combination of Huntingdonshire and Northants while the other team was Bedfordshire XI. Though a county organization was developed by 1847, the present Bedfordshire CCC was officially founded in 1899. Some of the popular players of this team were Louis Bookman, Alastair Cook, Wayne Larkins, Monty Panesar and many such aspiring players.

Bedfordshire County Cricket Club is known to be one of the county clubs having Minor Counties in England. This club represents the historic county of Bedfordshire and competes in the Minor Counties Championship along with the MCCA Knockout Trophy. Though this team does not have any fixed home, most of their matches are played in Wardown Park in Luton. Other matches have been played at Bedford School. Other than that, other grounds which were used for playing cricket were The Vale, Flitwick, Southill Park Cricket Club in Southill and such grounds.

Country England England
City Wardown Park, Luton
Founded 1899

The minor counties actually play a three day matches at a level below first class game. Presently, Bedfordshire competes in the Minor Counties Championship in the Eastern Division.

Major Achievements

The MCCA Knockout Trophy was won once by this team in 1999 and the Minor Counties Championship was won twice in 1970 and 1972 and once in 2004.