The Pakistan Railways Cricket Team was a Pakistani First class cricket side team that played in many of the matches. This team even played in Quaid-i-Azam Trophy and in the Patron’s Trophy. This team is based in the city of Lahore and is sponsored by the Pakistan Railways.

In 1964, in the month of December, the Pakistan Railways cricket team set a new first class cricket record in achieving the winning margin in a match. They first opted to bat achieving 910 for 6 and then bowled their opponent Dera Ismail Khan out for 32 and 27 to win by an inning and 851 runs.

Country Pakistan Pakistan
City Lahore

Major achievements

This team’s most successive season was in 1973-74 when they easily took out both the trophies captained by Arif Butt. Arif played first class cricket for this team for almost sixteen years in a row. This team won the Patrons Trophy twice in the 1960-61 season and in 1973-74 season. They also won the Quaid-i-Azam Trophy in 1972-73 and in 1973-74 season.