Sigtuna Cricket Club

Country Sweden Sweden
City Marsta
Founded 1989

The Sigtuna Cricket Club was founded in 1989 and is based in Marsta which is near to Stockholm in Sweden. The home ground of this club is located somewhere between Norrbacka and Arenberga. This ground is considered one of the best grounds in Stockholm. At the ground, there has been many Swedish Cricket League matches till date. There are also plans to renovate the pitch and add a pavilion before the summer end of 2009. The club is presently member of the Swedish Cricket Federation. This club competes in the Swedish National Cricket League and has won the competition in 1994. The team almost reached semi final in 2007 and lost to Pakistan CC who finished it to the finals.

Since its conception this club has matured a lot and has become a fully functional nonprofit organization. With this club, there has been focus in cricket in Sweden as the club strives to promote cricket. The club members tried their best to introduce cricket in Sweden and through their efforts along with the Federation, cricket has become quite significant sport in Sweden.

With sixteen cricket teams in Sweden, the Sigtuna Cricket Club has been on top three positions for several years and has been arranging six-a-side tournaments in Sigtuna. The team at present has 25 active members. They even hope to grow and expand more.

From 2000 onwards, this team has rebuilt their club with new players from different countries like Pakistan, Sweden, India, Australia, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and such countries. The members of this club are active and go through much hard work to support the club making it better to achieve good end results. Due to their dedication, the team won the Jinnah Trophy in 2006 and was the runner up in 2007. They were also on the second position in 2007 in the Swedish National Cricket League.

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